Take one witch . . . was "To Paul Flewer, etc"

M A Jones mark at SPAMjones118.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Nov 20 18:46:31 MST 1999

David Bruce wrote:
>>But the
problem is that, once set up, it does NOT remain your personal property.
That is the mistake made by every self-proclaimed leader in the history of
our movement. ...

You MUST separate your role as moderator from your role in the discussion.<<

He don't MUST do anything he doesn't want to, pal. If you don't like this
list, go set up your own, and we'll see just how ready you are to let go of
your own 'proprietorial rights'. Subscribe me, I want to check out your own
good-humoured desire to indulge people you have polar disagreements with.

All you Healyites are the same: you all claim you left it zillions of years
ago, are traumatised, saddened, humiliated etc by your chastening experience
of what undoubtedly was the most demented and malignant variant of
trotskyism, but somehow you still carry on in the same old way. You learnt
nothing and forgot nothing, seemingly.

Mark Jones
PS as Steve Rosenthal just observed on another list, "The Caspian
pipeline accord announced today in Istanbul confirms
that the US/NATO war against Yugoslavia earlier this year was part of
a larger US strategy for achieving domination of Southeastern Europe
and Southwest Asia, a region previously controlled substantially by
the USSR.  It should put to rest any lingering support for the
fiction that the US/NATO war was a humanitarian crusade to prevent
ethnic cleansing."

It should also put to rest any notion that MfS people who supported
the (drug-dealing, slave-trafficking) KLA gangs in Kosovo
were doing anything other than doing their miserable little worst
to give aid and comfort to US imperialism and its proxies.

Of course (as some of us have argued all along) the Caspian is
hardly the 200bn bbl bonanza which experts in the Wall Street
Journal et al were enthusing about two years ago; as we have
argued here and elsewhere, the low oil prices of recent times
were a mirage and the future will be one of rising prices
and growing primary energy shortages. Nevertheless the fSU's
energy resources, depleted as they are, are essential to the
future stability of west European capitalism. Without Central
Asian oil and Siberian gas, the prosperity of Europe will
be unsustainable. It's the politics of this which we have to
think about when defining our attitude towards events in
the Balkans or the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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