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Maureen Silos msilos at
Thu Nov 18 17:31:55 MST 1999


Thank you so much for the info.  I will definitely subscribe.

I recently joined your list and I really enjoy it.  Keep up the good work!


>Maureen, the best mailing list for the rights of indigenous peoples is
>warriornet. Send mail to majordomo at with the message
>"subscribe warriornet". You will find participants from every corner of the
>world who have been involved with, for example, Akha rights in northern
>Thailand to the rights of the Maori in New Zealand. It is also a good place
>to find out about other related resources.
>At 06:48 PM 11/17/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>Dear list members,
>>I would like to get in touch with members who work on human rights issues
>>or who are active in human rights organizations.  I am especially
>>interested in women's rights, children's rights, prisoner's rights, rights
>>of indigenous people, and envirionmental rights.
>Louis Proyect
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