Japan and racism

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Thu Nov 18 13:33:25 MST 1999

I suppose a litmus test iof any individual is how they relate to racism at
home. e.g. I would expect Irish radicals to be prominent campaigners
against British oppression but a real test would be the attitude towards
our Travelling community,

In debating with a Japanese comrade I found a blank spot in the attitude
towards the Ainu minority.Not that he felyt it was not oppressed but that
he thought the problem unimportant. I am glad to say he changed his mind
about this issue and about opporeesed natiuons and nationalities in

Japan was an empire not just vis a vis China and Korea but predating
modern Imperialism in its conquest of the Northern Islands. A belief in
racial superiority is common amongst many peoples around the world.
Laughable as it is it is sometimes found amonmgst Irish nationalists who
only seek to reverse the relationship with England not end it.

Similarly a patronising attitude can be found amongst many Chinese
Leftists towards minorities in China. While I do not subscribe to the
Dalai Lama cult I think their is evidence of a major attempt to drown the
Tibetean people in a Han sea.

But then for some oppression only exists when practised by the dominant
Imperialist powers.

Jim Monaghan

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