GLW: Boris Kagarlisky on Chechnya

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Nov 17 17:46:43 MST 1999

Al Whitlock wrote:
>Proyect's attachment has all the hallmarks of the pro-Milosovich,
>anti-Albanian front so active in Europe.  A common thread is that in both
>Balkans and Caucasus the relics of a former 'socialist' state now dominated
>by Orthodox Christianity and floating atop the worst form of right-wing
>nationalism, in the manner of grease on a stewpot, are pitted against Muslim
>minorities.  So bin Laden is financing the Chechen forces - what a surprise!
>  Was Proyect for or against Clinton's bombing of Afghanistan and the Sudan?
>  Is he for or against Yeltsin's onslaught on Chechnya?

Whitlock, you have a disease. It is called self-righteousness. With a
spittled-dripped challenge like this, I wouldn't dream of answering you. I
have thrown off two Movement for Socialism people since this list started.
First, Steve Drury. Then Bernie Wool.

If you continue writing this kind of "are you still beating your wife"
bullshit, I will be happy to make you number 3. You and Wool and Drury came
to this list because you know that there are hundreds of independent
Marxists you would like to recruit to your sect. Unlike Wool and Drury, you
managed to behave yourself for the 2 or so weeks you were on the list. Now
I see the fangs are bared and the fur is sprouting. Let me tell you
something, Comrade, I didn't put this list together so small sectarian
outfits can "intervene". The next time you grill me like some cheap lawyer,
I will throw you out faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

Louis Proyect
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