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Some little additions to Julio´s excellent bio of

My first (and for a long time) only adventure in the
realm of commercial journalism in Argentina took place
during the early months of 1976. Timermann attempted
to create a daily newspaper, "La Tarde", that was to
become the competition of a very popular weekly
magazine, "Gente". This magazine, BTW, was the
"popular" and "vulgar" version -together with "Siete
Días"- of Timmerman´s "Primera Plana".

He hired many people to launch the newspaper. Among
them were Edgardo Sajón, a good journalist but also a
man of dark connections with Alejandro Agustín Lanusse
who was later made disappear by the same forces that
fell on Timmerman, and Raúl Couayrahourcq, one of the
ablest newspaper journalists in Argentina. There were
many others (I now recall Villita, the great popular
sports journalist), and as the last one in the line
humbly yours.

Now, there is a proviso that still remains in the
labor contract law for journalists, according to which
if you are fired after more than 30 days you can claim
huge indemnization payments. This is the "test period"
proviso. If you are fired during this period, you can
not claim a cent. OK? Now, on to the story.

"La Tarde" was a failure. It did not sell, nobody was
interested in this creation. So Timmerman decided to
close it. And in the first place he fired all the
staff of journalists, on the 28th day! I was fired
with the whole lot, of course, but this is of no
importance, since as a truly raw beginner I could not
argue too much. But the whole bunch of great
journalists that were expelled with me were another
thing. It is as if you expelled Fidel Castro because
he did not pass the 40 year test period!

So we went to the Courts. But Timmerman finally
suffered much more than we had wanted him to suffer,
and not precisely at the hands of the revolutionary
masses... The outrageous labor practice, however,
fully depicts this "leftist" who had been an ardent
member of Hashomer Hatzair sometime in his youth. This
one you did not have, Julio!


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