Canadian mulitculturalism

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Multiculturalism has been official government policy in Canada since 1971
when a Minister responsible for Mulitculturalism was created along with a
government department while Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of a Liberal
Party led government. Essentially, multicultural policy consists of
education about cultural diversity through ads, campaigns etc, ecucation in
schools about the "Canadian mosaic," and financial support for newspapers,
community centres, associations etc for various minority cultural groups.


"James M. Blaut" wrote:

> MacD:
> I said "in the US," where the term "multiculturalism" is used as aan
> opposition to and defense against racism, against the attack on bilingual
> education, etc. I don't know about Canadaian uses of the temr. If the
> liberals are *claiming* that multiculturalism *prevails* in Canada when
> obviously it does not, that is a very different issue.
> In the US no progressive that I have every met or heard of is opposed to
> multiculturalism.
> Jim

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