Guns, Politics, and American Culture - Part 2

jbm7 at jbm7 at
Sun Nov 21 09:14:26 MST 1999

Jeffry StClair is mentioned in this debate. I remember meeting him in 1969
or someone with a similar name.He was close to the original IS group. I
gather they went through an industrial turn that destroyed them. Of course
later the Barnesites did the same. We corresponded  a bit on Ireland until
I suffered madness and joined the Healyites. On recovering I was then back
in touch with the American SWP.

I gather that StClair did a total loop on Ireland and from being a close
comrade of Bernadette McAliskey adopted a 2 Nationist position and
effectively backed the Unionists.He ahd letters in the New York Times.

On a personal basis I thought he was very sincere and a good friend.
Thinking about him makes me realise I am 51 and no longer the naieve
person I was in 1969 when all was possible.

Perhaps they are different people.

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