To Paul Flewers and Barry Buitekant

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Nov 19 07:29:21 MST 1999

Okay, let me try this one more time. There is no ban on supporting Kosovo
self-determination here. I have never once threatened Jose Perez, the DSP
or Jim Monaghan who posted hundreds of messages in defense of Kosovo
nationalism and against Milosevic during the war. In fact I would welcome a
debate right now on Chechnya.

On the other hand, I do retain the right to ban certain groups that have
acted in a disruptive manner. This includes Movement for Socialism. I do
not see this list as a place where various small groups can issue position
papers in a unidirectional manner. If you want that, I suggest Jim
Hillier's Marxist-Leninist egroup mailing list. 5 out of 10 posts are
official declarations from self-styled vanguard groups. Now this list
nominally bans everybody who is not pro-Stalin, but I notice that Green
Left Parametta is permitted to post there with no problem.

As far as Barry's angry remarks are concerned, I do not take them
seriously. He has written me much more angrier comments privately. And I do
encourage him to start a mailing list where the Movement for Socialism
people would be welcomed. Go to and start one. It is free
and if you can put up with commercials, it is quite useful. As far as my
small proprietor attitudes are concerned, I confess that you have me sized
up correctly. My father Jack "Yankel" Proyect was a fruit store owner in
the Catskill Mountains, from whom I have inherited a lot of petty-bourgeois
attitudes. When I first joined the Trotskyist movement, I used get paranoid
about all the talk about "petty-bourgeois" oppositions. Nowadays I accept
my political-existential fate with equanimity.

Louis Proyect

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