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Sun Nov 21 18:22:32 MST 1999

Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> said:

> >Hi Louis -- There's a "Hating Louis Proyect" thread going on right
now on
> >the LBO List you might want to take a look at if you don't know
about it
> >already.
> >
> >Best,
> >Jay
> >
> Hi, Jay. Since there a number of list subscribers besides yourself on
> LBO-Talk, I suppose I should clarify what the issues are here. There
> been charges made publicly by Doug Henwood and Rakesh Bhandari that I
> prepared a "dossier" that prevented somebody from getting a job. This
is a
> smear job. Let me lay out the facts.

Since you're in the mood to clear up that smear factory, there are
several people on Marxism-Thaxis who make it a bit of a hobby to attack
you as well. Principle among these is Gerald Levy. If you aren't being
called a danger to revolutionaries everywhere, you're being called
someone who is like a physical misogynist. Rather weird stuff, more
personal than political.

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