request for sources: Marx versus Weber

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For another leftist, albeit non-Marxist, point of view on the Weberian
thesis, you might want to take a look at Lewis Mumford's, "Technics and
Civilization" and "Pentagon of Power", where he stresses the importance of
the Catholic Church in the rise of capitalism -- specifically, as I recall,
the role of monks in the medieval monastaries in developing the new sense of
clock time that would become so important.


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> Read Jim Blaut's great "Colonizer's Model of the World", which basically
> nails Weberian interpretations of the origins of capitalism to the wall.
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> >I am looking for some literature sources that contrast the Marxian and
> >the Weberian conception of the origins of capitalism. Also, if there are
> >some sources that critique Weber's Protestant Ethic Thesis, I would like
> >to know these as well.
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