Timor again (sorry Lou)

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Sun Nov 21 07:09:54 MST 1999

Hello my white friends,

I thought I would just take a watching.  But I liked this man's message.
Here and many places in Africa we are sensitive to such issues too.  Some
are not willing to be pawns for politeness.  Call a spade a spade.  Words
fail me in English to say what I think.  But is time somehow for "dimtsi
hafesh" - voice of people in my mother's language.  Somalia, Yemen, Etiopia,
Ertre are abandoned to their fate, and now fight among themselves for food
and some feeling of dignity.  What is happening is terrible - you would not
believe.  350 000 refugees from war over a border, 25 000 killed in one day
in Africa's Passiondale, a million in Rwanda.  I get angry with the rush to
comfortable white people's little fights.

Sorry, I will say no more.  I only manage the Internet through a friend with


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>Subject: Re: Timor again (sorry Lou)
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>James M. Blaut wrote:
> > What is disturbing in this language is a hint of POSSIBLE unintentional
> > ethnocentrism of the sort we, in the US, are familiar with in judgements
> > about Native Americans, Africans, and others. A Portuguese Marxist would
> > presumably -- and I hope this is true of you -- be ultra-sensitive to
> > cultural judgements made about a former Portuguese colony.
> >
>What I'm beginning to be ultra-sensitive about these days is of the shitty
>"multi-culturalist" political correctness that implies it is allright to
>sexually mutilate young girls or for the timorese to sit on the floor with
>their hands posed before their king. The capital sin would be the
>arrogance of condemning this, or even mention it exists.
>What I'm beginning to be ultra-sensitive about is this rotten, guilt-ridden
>protestant ethic of blindness and denial. For what politically follows
>from it is the abandon of peripheral nation to their fate, AFTER their fate
>having been sealed by the the imperialist "globalized" order. This is only
>fitting of imperialist nations who have always been too happy to exploit
>labor of the "savages" but wouldn't touch them with a ten feet pole. And
>they feel they can managed without them. Third-world peoples have been
>raped by
>imperialism and now are being dumped on the way side with very convenient
>"multi-culturalist" arguments.
>This is the scourge of any third-world people struggling for a place in the
>sun, with independence, dignity and self-sustained development.
>João Paulo Montessori

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