Japan and racism

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> Similarly a patronising attitude can be found amongst many Chinese
> Leftists towards minorities in China. While I do not subscribe to the
> Dalai Lama cult I think their is evidence of a major attempt to drown
> Tibetean people in a Han sea.
> But then for some oppression only exists when practised by the
> Imperialist powers.
> Jim Monaghan
Nonsense. This line has been put forth by counting every Chinese
soldier, judge, official or whatever, who happens to spend upwards of
one second travelling through Tibet. The population of Tibet is still
over 90% indigenous Tibetan. It may be far from a paradise, but cries
of "genocide" only originate from the former nobility and the
governments and ruling classes who have something to gain by
Balkanising China vis-a-vis the same process as used on USSR/Russia and
Yugoslavia. The "facts" we get ALL come from the "government in exile",
the former theocratic rulers of Tibet who want all their land and
outright slaves back. Their "facts" are entirely fictional, and tend to
get altered periodically for whatever suits them. At one point they
claimed as many as 12 Million people lived in Tibet. Now they settle on
2 million. The numbers of Han settlers is irrelevant, so long as
cultural, linguistic and religious rights are guaranteed. Even if it
were relevant though, it is false to say anything such as "drowning
Tibet in Han..." etc.

Free Quebec!
Leave Tibet free!

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