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Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Fri Nov 19 15:05:35 MST 1999

To all list members.

I am somewhat disturbed by the course of events on the list. I disagree
quite strongly with the Movement for Socialism's position over Kosovo,
as I do with their positions as a whole on the Yugoslav issue. But I am
not particularly worried if people in and around that group want to put
their position forward on the list on this or any other subject, any
more than I am about anyone else.

I disagree to varying degrees with many of the views expressed on this
list, whether they are from people in specific groups, or those who
aren't in any particular group (not being in a left-wing group doesn't
prevent someone from being as silly or as perceptive as someone who's in
a group). The problems facing the left today are enormous, its responses
to the Yugoslav break-up have both exemplified and brought into focus
the way that the left is confused and divided on a vast array of

If we are unable to discuss these problems, which includes why so many
left-wingers ended up supporting the KLA, on the one hand, or the
Belgrade regime, on the other -- neither of which in my estimation acts
in the interests of the working class -- then we will get nowhere.

Let us all calm down a little, and discuss things in a comradely manner.

Paul F

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