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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #385
                             November 17, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


After the 1994-6 Chechnya war, the Russian generals convinced both
themselves and the politicians that the reasons for the defeat were
irresolution in the government, and broad popular hostility to the
conflict. Acting now on that theory, they are causing immense civilian
hardship and clearing the way for another military fiasco.


 * Chechnya: Russia's `East Timor'


 * Why work is getting harder


 * East Timorese refugees: no end of trauma
 * The view from Dili
 * East Timor Solidarity Aid
 * East Timor: defeat or victory for the left?
 * Pro-choice doctors threatened
 * Colombian guerillas hold out for justice
 * Budiman Sujatmiko likely to be freed soon
 * US blockade aids Iraqi regime
 * Millions demand referendum in Aceh
 * Zimbabwe court ends women's rights &&
 * Win for pay equity in Canada
 * Zimbabwe doctors win, nurses strike
 * Indian workers resist as rulers wave the axe
 * UN again demands US end its embargo against Cuba


 * Big money and the media -- opinions for hire
 * Facts, not myths, on youth crime
 * Establishment media on racist rampage
 * Canadian students set to walk out
 * Bankstown occupation victory!
 * Demands won:
 * Identity politics: a politics of defeat


 * Hospital strike ends in victory
 * Mapoon elder slams Lingard over `straw hut' remarks
 * Bill on same-sex domestic violence welcomed
 * Defence Department opposes nuclear dump
 * Action updates
 * East Timor benefit
 * Dili massacre remembered
 * Telstra walks out of negotiations
 * Gay and lesbian pride springs out
 * Building unions stake their claim
 * Another win for the NTEU
 * Casual workers to strike
 * SA union secretary resigns
 * Reith and Kemp size up the NTEU
 * Thousands rally to save Leighton
 * South Coast teachers bury government offer
 * Forest summit warns of new threats
 * Government slashes funding to green groups
 * Two arrested at bridge protest
 * Women's liberation discussed in Wollongong


 * Cashing in on misery
 * Carr Labor excludes small parties from elections
 * Kids rally against violence
 * Government backs away from nuclear reactor rhetoric
 * Australia gets greenhouse gong
 * What are the CPSU officials afraid of?
 * Rainforest projects hit the road
 * Artists reclaiming the streets
 * Winning elections by killing prisoners
 * What does `no' mean?

 * Reclaiming the language of East Timor
 * Bad medicine
 * The dictatorship of US$ and Wall Street


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