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I was under the impression that the "shit" has come down already: 1) on the
many homeless, one-third of whom are displaced women and children; 2) on the
many families working two and three jobs to maintain a standard of living
that is less in real terms than they had 5 to ten years ago prior to
downsizing/merger mania; 3) on the many Indigenous peoples living under
conditions and forms of repression/corruption at lower "Third World" levels;
4) on the many battered and brutalized women who get no attention from the
authorities and cannot afford slick lawyers like the ones who kept OJ out of
the joint where he belongs; 5) on the many migrant farmers and their
children who labor under unconscionable conditions, wages and forms of
repression; 6)on the poor of places like Iraq and other places who are
bombed and suffering food/medicine-denying embargos so that scum like
Clinton can "Wag the Dog", keep the Monicas off the headlines and get his
enabling wife elected to the Senate in New york; 7)on the many maimed and
killed workers who suffer the daily rollbacks of even the pathetic and
limited workplace protections and safety measures so that obscene profits
soar to even more obscene levels; 8) on the many African-American adults and
children who live under brutal condiitions of poverty and crime, suffering
grotesque forms of discrimination while middle-class whites claim "reverse
discrimination" saying nothing about the "affirmative action" for whites
that the U.S. was founded and built on; 8) on the myriad immigrants and
immigrants who are not the "right kind" of refugees--refugees from fascism
and U.S.-armed/trained death squads, sent back to face those death squads,
while the "right kind" of refugees--fascists and their supporters--are
welcomed to myriad forms of largesse as long as their propaganda value is
retained; 9) on the millions of starving victims of, neoliberalism and
globalism for whom "trickle down" is an obscene cover for the reality wealth
sucked upward and concentrated/centralized and whose misery fails to be
convered or noticed by the conspicuous consuming and "compassion fatigued"
public and the 15-second-sound-bite media; 10) on the millions with no
health insurance or marginal health insurance, who cannot afford
preventative care, live on the margin of medical catastrophe and who will
lose it all when their health fails; etc etc.

Now does any of this have to do with "economics"? As for the stock market,
even with my petty retirement fund that I would lose were the bubble to
burst, I have to say why would the collapse of the bubble of a stock market
increasingly disconnected from--in one sense--the "real economy", and indeed
increasingly injurious to "the real economy"--actually producing real wealth
not illusory "wealth" be a catastrophe or a "crisis"?

What the hell has happened to this list?

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. . . Imagine that the stockmarket crashed yesterday.

. . . I can't remember the last time an economic issue was discussed here.


Interesting.  There have been damn few threads on
an economic topic.  Try finding one with more than
a couple of entries.  There was the GDP wars, and an
exchange about Raymond Lau, neither specific to
the richer industrial countries, where most of us
live and, in some cases, do a little politics.
This is not to say anything should be ignored,
only to question the balance.

My only amendment is that, rather than thinking
about what to say the day the shit comes down is
figuring out what to do in the meantime, and
afterwards when the shit is put back together
(as it always seems to be).


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