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Paul Flewers paul.flewers at SPAMvirgin.net
Tue Nov 16 23:22:25 MST 1999

Xxxx Xxxxxx asked for details on Lovestone and his current. Robert
Alexander's The Right Opposition (Greenwood, 1981) gives a fair amount
of details on the Right Opposition, including the Brandler/Thalheimer
current in Germany. He does not say that there is still a Brandlerite
presence in Germany, with two groups, one publishing Arbeiterstimme, the
other publishing Arbeiterpolitik.

There was a small group aligned with the Right Opposition in Britain
during the Second World War. Frank Allaun, later on a left-wing Labour
MP, was in it. I have a pamphlet issued in 1940 by this group, its line
is quite similar to the 'proletarian military policy' of the Fourth
International. It published a small magazine called Socialist
Correspondence. I don't know what happened to this group.

Apart from those mentioned by list members, did any of Lovestone's group
keep to a left-wing course after the Second World War? Alexander
mentions only a very few, who mainly ended up in the US social
democracy, which I don't think was particularly left-wing. Alexander
gives the impression that the group just fell apart.

Paul F

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