Jay Lovestone

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I just 9 pamphlets by Lovestone. Favorite title ,"America Prepares For War."
d.1928. Robert J. Alexander has a Greenwood Press book entitled ,"The Right
Opposition." Check out John Diggins,"Up From Communism," for Lovestoneites
like Will Herberg.
     Irving Howe guilty of alot but are you thinking of Bertram Wolfe?
Wolfe knew Diego Riviera and Frida Kahlo. Years ago I visited the Hoover
Institution at Stanford. The Wolfe papers have letters from Lovestone that
convey in code instructions about transfering Moscow gold. I also read a
letter from Kahlo which store bore faint
traces of lipstick.Wolfe late in life wrote a hefty autobiography," A Life
in Two Centuries."
                                                Michael Pugliese
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> I've just been skimming a new biography of Jay Lovestone, the former
> of the Communist Party in the US who, with Irving Howe formed the
> Opposition,  Workers Age and then the Independent Labor League following
> purging from the CP by Stalin over his sympathies with Bukharin.
> What is quite interesting is Lovestone's career after WWII when he became
> operative for the CIA in the AFL and operated his own informal spy agency
> the service of the war against Communism.
> I'm curious if there are any other writing about or by Lovestone that may
> of interest and if anyone on the list has any personal knowledge of or
> experience with the Lovestonites.
> Xxxx

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