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(Sorry for the delay, I just got back from a trip to Wollongong)

>thanks you for the comments Xxxzx.  Where are you?  Australia?

  Adelaide, Australia for the next two weeks.

>What are you
>- nonaligned?

  On the Referendum, my vote would have been "No" (I am a US citizen,
so did not vote) in regards to changing the system (i.e. keep the
monarchy). The difference between the options was minimal; the point
is that 1) the monarchy will not remain for long; and 2) the future
choices will be much better (because those with an interst of ousting
colonial influence (i.e. nationalist bourgeois) will make more
realisitic options available next time to ensure it passes.) Thus,
voting to keep the monarchy is a vote to vote again; but for a better

>  I disagree with
>you though on the matter of the absurdity of the question.  It would still
>have represented progress if the republic had got up.

  No. The Republic was a positive step towards bolstering the
bourgeois bureaucratic appartus; i.e. towards the strengthing of
their rule in the hands of the nationalist bourgeoisie, and ensuring
it is seperated from the proletariat.

>It would have been a
>step towards modernization and although it is capitalist modernization that
>still represents a step forward.

  It can be; but not in Australia, and certainly not now. The Republic
does nothing but strenthen bourgeois rule and seperate the
proletariat further from politics, which is exactly the opposite of
what we are striving to do.

>they were convinced that the Prime
>Minister John Howard would become president if they voted 'yes'.

  Well Gary, they are not far off the mark. Of course Howard wouldn't
sit in as president, but rest assured that someone like him would!
Had workers voted for the Republic, they would be expressing their
so-called 'political-power'  in order so that such power at that is
removed from them!


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"In those days, after the defeat of the Paris Commune, history made
slow organisational and educational work the task of the day."

Vladimir Lenin, Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution

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