Timor again (sorry Lou)

James M. Blaut 70671.2032 at SPAMcompuserve.com
Fri Nov 19 02:10:23 MST 1999


What I'm saying is:

1. I find it disturbing that you talk about Timorese with phrases like
--Guzmao "a romantic and sentimental character,"

--Beloved "to the point of worship,"

--"The east-timorese are very sensitive to this kind of nobility
and distinguish it with blind loyalty and ritual submission."

--"They are kind of monarchic."

--" these are cultural traits very difficult to eradicate."

2. When detailed information is provided to me on a complex political
situation, I would like to know if the writer (a) knows what he or she is
talking about and (b) is not giving me the view of some particular sect/or
of the Left that would not be seen as factual by the Left in general. We
are all sensitive to this problem from having read such accounts -- often
very detailed -- in various party publications.

3. What did you mean by "...is now urging Xanana Gusmao to please stop
acting like Fidel Castro"?

4. You describe a bewildering number of political formations. Those of us
who know relatively little about East Timor tend to think that FRETILIN is
essentially the unitary liberation movement. Are we wrong?

5. It would help if you would call the people "Timorese" once in a while,
insteadf of always calling them "East Timorese." Of course, in terms of
modern political history the two parts of Timor are distinct, but I suspect
that we should view Timor as a nation and be ready to support what will
probably become a Timorese fight for a unified independent nation-state.

Jim Blaut

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