GLW: Boris Kagarlisky on Chechnya

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Nov 18 07:57:13 MST 1999

>So you are entering the e-list fray - good luck Al!  Here's an example of
>what you might get thrown at you - picked up from a so-called Trotskyist
>newsgroup.  I wouldn't bother going the newgroup route - too many arseholes
>around.  Moderated subscription lists are more sane - I guess that is the
>kind of thing you are on.  Let me know which it is, and if it's OK maybe
>I'll join in too.

I've spent all week fighting the flu and straightening out the Marxism list
archives. I have no patience for self-declared vanguards and their lawyers
wasting our time. Whitlock is gone. As far as his attorney Paul from the
DSP is concerned, his interest in the list seems totally related to
bolstering the DSP line around specific questions that they have an
investment in. First Kosovo, and now Chechnya. Although I have sharp
disagreements with the DSP analysis around these questions, I respect the
civility with which they intervene in discussions here. The Movement for
Socialism group has a terrible track record on the other hand. While I
don't object to Paul's apologetics on their behalf, I would urge him to
think twice before adopting Whitlock's debating style as a possible model.

Louis Proyect

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