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George Pennefather poseidon at
Fri Nov 19 05:02:41 MST 1999

Gary:I must be getting moderate in my old age.  I supported voting for a
republic here in Oz. I am convinced it would have made a difference. I also
support Livingstone for Lord Mayor. Again I believe it will make a
difference.  Thatcher went out of her way to get rid of him the last time.
Similarly Blair and the Labour right are terrified of a clear successful
left opposition.

George: The way in which Livingstone has been treated by the Labour party leadership
is an
indication as to how stalinist and oppressive this party has become. I suppose the
question of shortlisting Livingstone as Lord Mayor is of some significance in theis
regard: it highlights the oppressive and authoritarian character of the British Labour
Party unde Blair. Blair pays lip service to freedom, equality and democracy and yet
proceeeds to increasingly restrict the freedom of its members. This was one of the
of Tony Benn andd which is why he apparently removed himself from the whip.

In this respect Blair is as authoritarian as Thatcher --perhaps even more so.

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George Pennefather

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