Subject: RE: GLW: Boris Kagarlisky on Chechnya

M A Jones mark at
Fri Nov 19 02:27:12 MST 1999

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

>>Lou, I often get amazed by your patience. The time you spent putting up
Wool was one of them. But this was a mite hasty, in my view. I'm not the
slightest bit sympathetic to Al's political stance in any of the
forementioned arenas. Slow down bouncing people because, as you admit, your
week ain't going too good. That's a bad precedent.<<

No, Lou is right. The MfS is a bunch of aging, unreconstructed Healyites. In
1989 Vanessa Redgrave turned up in Moscow, checked in at the National Hotel,
slept in the same bed Lenin slept in when he arrived there in 1918, and
announced the rebirth of Russian Trotskyism, about which little has been
heard of since. Then she left Moscow. You can do nothing with these people;
when I went to an MfS meeting in London, I was amazed by their fatuous
posturing about their 'comradely assistance' to Kosovar Albanians, and the
mealy-mouthed contortions they evolved to justify their solidarity with Nato
and the KLA against the Serbs; these people ALWAYS back the enemy, no matter
what. They are not interested in what we are interested in, on the contrary,
their only purpose in showing up on lists like this is to destroy the list.
Lou is right not to give them the chance.

Lou is a lot more liberal than me, I admit: he tolerates DSP grandstanding,
but we threw them off L-I not long ago, too. Better fewer, but better, say


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