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Maureen Silos msilos at
Wed Nov 17 19:48:18 MST 1999

Dear list members,

I would like to get in touch with members who work on human rights issues
or who are active in human rights organizations.  I am especially
interested in women's rights, children's rights, prisoner's rights, rights
of indigenous people, and envirionmental rights.

In January I am going back to my home country Suriname (formerly Dutch
Guyana) to be the Director of Moiwana'86, a multifunctional human rights
organization,  funded by Dutch NGO's.

Moiwana'86 was established as the result of serious civil rights violations
during a military regime in the 80s, including the vicious massacre of the
inhabitants of the Maroon village Moiwana.

One of my goals is to take Moiwana beyond its previous exclusive focus on
civil rights violations because these have been seriously reduced since we
returned to democratically chosen governments in the late 80s.  The new
focus that I want to develop will be on the interrelationship between human
rights (in the areas that I mentioned above) and social and economic

Issues of globalization and the crisis in Caribbean development theory have
my special attention since, in my opinion, issues of human rights cannot be
discussed outside of the framework of political economy and development

If you know of people who are not on the list but who would like to
correspond with me, please let me know.  I need to build a network of
likeminded souls around the world.

Also, does anyone know of discussion lists that deal with human rights issues?

Thanks a lot.


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