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>Dear Andy:
>I knew the three leading Lovestonites in Flint UAW Chevrolet local 659.
>They were Ted LaDuke, Tom Klasey and Melvin Center.  They were part of the
>famous strike strategy during the 1937 sitdown strikes.  They tried to
>sitdown in Plant 9 and were attacked by Plant police and Pendergast hired
>thugs.  Klasey opened a window and called to the Women's Emergency Bridade
>that the union members were being tear gassed in the plant.  The Women's
>Emergency Brigade armed with clubs then broke all the windows in the plant.
>The real action was in the Chevrolet engine plant 4, a half mile away in the
>ten plant Chevrolet complex, that employed 4,000 workers making engines for
>all of Chevrolet in the U. S.    Plant nine was a union subterfuge.  The
>capture of Plant 4 Chevrolet brought GM to the bargaining table and the
>signing of the first contract recognizing the UAW as sole bargaining agent.

As comrades can see for themselves, Sol Dollinger is a walking
treasure-chest of trade union and socialist experience. He faxed me an
extremely insightful analysis of the recent AFL-CIO convention that
unfortunately was not scannable. As soon as I receive a version that can be
scanned, I will put it out on the web and announce it.

Louis Proyect
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