Gusmao suggests asking UN to leave.

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Mon Nov 15 01:33:09 MST 1999

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>Subject: Re: Gusmao suggests asking UN to leave.
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>Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
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> > I have been staunchly opposed to any intervention in East Timor, my fear
> > been the bourgeoisifying of the East Timorese, [...]
>Huh? What's that supposed to mean?  That the E. Timorese ought not to
>aspire to own their own businesses, gain title to their plots of
>farmland, have a decent place in which to raise their children, and do
>so within the economic system into which they have been born, in other
>words, "gain something to lose"?

OOPS! Turned a phrase too quickly. What I was trying to say was my fear that
the East Timorese would become but a proxy of Imperialist design, that
Imperialism would "save" the East Timorese in a manner to make the country
part and parcel of the oppressors. To use the E Timorese as a possible wedge
against others in the region (most likely, a possible revolutionary
Indonesia). It certainly was not opposition to development.


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