Tricky Dick Holbrooke's day in Dili

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Tue Nov 23 14:15:29 MST 1999

US ambassador to the U.N. has arrived in East-Timor yesterday and has
brokered a deal between the australian-led INTERFET and the indonesian
army on repatriation of refugees and border controls. The east-timorese
were marginalized once again. There is talk that maybe NOW, the accord
will be handed to the FALINTIL for signature, probably by Xanana
himself. A step back for east-timorese independence. But one that could
permit a little more freedom of movement for the FALINTIL nonetheless.

Tricky Dick said he has been "profoundly emotioned with what happened in

The australians are still due to leave in January.

João Paulo Monteiro

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