ludic Leninism

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        Thank you Carroll (again, saw a used copy of the Ebert book a year
or so back. Ebert is in that Maisaneuve (sic.) Press mafia? Somewhere in my
bookmark file I've got a URL for a grad student lit crit journal out of
Buffalo, N.Y. where
these lefter than thou pompoous pomo lacanians argue about and in  the
academic politico scene.
The name Nader Massavoudovsky (sic.) sticks in my mind. Also saw a reader on
"Queer Studies" from these folks that make Deleuze and Guattari look easy
and strret level activists to boot in the
transference of their theory to real world politics.
Oops, there I go engaging in the anti-intellectualism of the intellectuals,
     Oh and those MIM folks. Gotta funny story.
Back in my undergrad days, a friend of mine and I went to a natural foods
co-op to see the Emile de Antonio documentary on the Weather Underground.
Afterwards the RCP'ers  aggressively critiqued our bourgeois, pacifist,
socdem. revisionist comments. At the time, and since, my friend and I, were
not unwilling to do some appropriate direct action( for example helped to
tear up railroad tracks taking munitions to El Salvador during the war) but
compared to these partisans of Sandero Luminoso who kill lesbians in Peru,
and hang dogs from lamposts( those dogs weren't "running dogs of
imperialism" after that.) Jeesh, the RCP'ers forgot to call me
                           Michael Pugliese
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> Michael Pugliese wrote:
> > > Yeah, old Ilyich would have related to that, Charles.
> > >
> > > Mark Jones
> >        Reminded me of this book by a pomo Lacanian Marxist-Feminist,
> > Feminism and After (Critical Perspectives on Women and Gender) by Teresa
> > Ebert. Think it has a blurb from  Judith Butler.
> >       Also the cyber-Leninism site. Haven't visited that one in a while,
> > these comrades have truck with Lacan too?
> >                                  Michael Pugliese
> I think Ebert's book is quite useful -- but it is an attack on Judith
> Butler (among others), and I don't remember Butler giving it
> a blurb. Also, Ebert is connected with a group of people who
> can be almost as obnoxiously aggressive and sectarian on
> maillists as the MIM supporters of the Shining Path.
> Carrol

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