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Michael Pugliese <debsian at pacbell.net> said:

>    I know of the differences between the RCP and MIM. (Do I have time
to go
> into this intra-Maoist polemicizing. Does anyone else?)


The bit on the PCP
> and killing lesbians was communicated to me by Ying Lee Kelley, a
> for Ron Dellums, the long time left-wing member of Congress from the
> C.D. in California, who I worked with on the Jesse Jackson campaign
in 1988.
> Ms. Kelley had spent some time around the 70's M-L party building
> and can/could hardly be accused of anti-communism.

Some of the worst offenders of anti-Senderistas have been Reds of all
hues, going so far as to outdo the bourgeois press.

>      On Sandero, Monthly Review had a few pieces to and fro on this a
> back and though some
> readers of the list might view me as a counter-revolutionary for
> recommending the following well here goes:
>  The Shining Path : A History of the Millenarian War in Peru (Latin
> in Translation/En Traduccion, Em Traducao)
> by Gustavo Gorriti Ellenbogen, Robin Kirk (Translator), Gustavo
>       Putting on my Althusserian cap for a second and using some
stuff from
> Aidan Foster Carter in a NLR piece on modes of production might I
> that Peru, was and is, a social  formation
> overdetermined by a position in the capitalist world system which
gave to
> Peru a class structure which combined elements from feudal and
> modes of production.

This analysis is massively under appreciated, but I like it- it seems
to hold water, especially among the indigenous populations in Peru. Who
else agrees with this? Abimael Guzman, aka Chairman Gonzalo. While it
is quite true they have spent far too much energy devoted to attacking
other portions of the left, I do find it troubling that we never notice
that some of the "legal left" were "legal" precisely because they went
to the trouble to denounce the PCP, and also provided cover for
Fujimori. There is not simply one evil here.

When one is fighting a developed, fully capitalist
> state, the class alliances and class structure is different
> than a dependent peripheral or semi-peripheral
> state.

How did the PCP deny this in action? The (semi) feudal aspects are what
was the true base of the PCP. Their inability to make much headway into
the politics of the urban proletariat is the main reason they felt
the "need" to do the stuff they did in the barrios. (bombs in markets,

>      Adding fuel to the fire might I add that the PCP also killed
lots of
> members of Peru's "Legal Left" from the Old Left parties, and
> organizations which represented the marginalized and the poor in tin-
> in the Lima "suburbs".

See James Petras, "Imperialism and NGO's", available in both CAQ (20th
anniversary ed.) and a copy of MR (I don't know which issue). Detailing
what a lot of the NGO's are all about, especially in places like Peru.
In the case of Peru, the local "elders" were quite often the Peruvian
equivalent of the DIA/BIA reps here in N America, loyal to the
capitalist state that pays the bills. These compradors were often
outdone by such things as the "glass of milk" scheme. That was where if
you were willing to turn your family into a bunch of informers, then
you get the privelige of helping the family meet its daily requirements
of nutritional needs. This is not to say all victims were guilty; it is
to smash the notion that none were.

>"Social-fascists" doubtless.

Yes, the PCP certainly has the most obscurantist view on all the other
Reds out there I've come across (unless I am making the error of
equating their supporters with them, but this is my impression).

>     Finally I'm no expert on Peru, but in the end it seems to me that
> "Legal Left"-whatever their faults, I'd assume the had/have Popular
> illusions in the national bourgeoisie- is far preferable to the PCP,
> gave the space for Fujimori to tighten the dictatorship.

After watching the slaughter in Chile, Argentina, El Salvador,
Nicaragua, the constant harrassing of Cuba, the "dissappeared" in
Paraguay, Uraguay, Guatemala, etc... I would seriously hope that
Revolutionaries get out of this habit of thinking that these regimes
need ANY help to "to tighten the dictatorship". To me, this implies a
miss understanding of the dynamics of the puppet states in South
America, or just blind dislike of the PCP which is connected to the
politics of the situation, but rather the "first world" situation.
I repeat: The Fujimori clique did not look for any excuses, other than
for propaganda purposes. They could care less if the PCP was
killing "legal lefties", in fact would like this (doing the states job
for them) by itself. What made the dictatorship "tighten" was the very
real threat that virulently anti-capitalist socialism led by the PCP
was on the verge of happening. Do not attack the PCP for "forcing" the
actions of the state- pacifists used this line on the NLF ("If they
only stopped fighting, so would `our' armies").

>> Michael Pugliese
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