Cuban contribution to CP/WP conference in Greece (May/99)

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Speech by Raul Valdes Vivo, member of the Central Committee of the
Communist Party of Cuba at the International Conference in Athens,

21- 23 May 1999


In this gathering of so many workers’ parties in Athens, where twenty
five centuries ago the most advanced philosophers were searching for
the ultimate truths of nature and society, it is only fitting that the
truth of truths be in the forefront in these decisive moments with a
martyr Yugoslavia at the center of world events.

The Communist Party of Cuba appreciates the work carried out by the
fraternal Communist Party of Greece in the preparation of this very
important meeting and states that among these truths are the following:

 In the genocidal war against Yugoslavia, the United States are using
military force to impose a unipolar world, seeing that its imposition
proved impossible through the declining power of the dollar. From the
cold war they have advanced towards a Hot War, and if the peoples
cannot defeat this strategy, a Third World War could be unleashed,
meaning suicide for humanity given the nuclear weapons arsenal.

 The instrument used by the United States in this dirtiest of all wars
ever is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, especially the European
countries that coincide with Washington’s hegemonic attitude. Even
those that in different arenas are more competitors than allies of the
North American superpower, favoring a united Europe with its own
policies, as can be seen in the creation of the Euro.

 The United Nations Organization and its Security Council, marginalized
by the United States when seeing that this time these bodies could not
be manipulated, have been reduced to the role of silent witnesses of
the dismembering of a founding nation of the UN and of the Non Aligned
Movement. The aggressors are trying to transform the Balkans region
into a support base to dominate completely the Eastern zone of the
Mediterranean Sea, the south of Europe and the Middle East.

 Not without reason does Russia feel threatened. The pretext of ethnic
and religious conflicts could be used against it to further the
dismembering that already took place in the USSR. The reasons are now
clear for widening NATO and modernizing its weaponry currently being
tested in Yugoslavia and to welcome the 300 billion dollars stolen by
the Russian Mafia. It is a sustained plan to weaken the country that
until recently was a socialist superpower and try to bend it, the same
why Napoleon and Hitler tried, to no avail. Imperialism dreams with
grabbing its oil, forests, riches, markets and highly qualified and
cheap labor. The latter would be fatal regarding employment, income and
social security for the workers of the West. The threat reaches China,
with its provinces in Tibet, falsely alleging religious problems, and
Taiwan, still to be reincorporated to the rest of the country. If China
were disintegrated, Vietnam, Korea, India, the whole of Asia would be
endangered, and thus, all the Third World. The premeditated destruction
of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, by the very same forces that
systematically destroy schools, hospitals, factories, churches,
bridges, radio and TV stations, buses and trains full of civilian
passengers, confirms the arrogance of those genocidal forces.

 This military conflict is associated to the real essence of
neoliberalism. On the one hand, everything is to be privatized. The
State pushed away from the control of the economy, because the workers’
struggle for reivindications can exert more pressure over the State
given the electoral pressures. Absolute freedom to be given to the
market forces, dominated by monopolies, with the circulation of
capitals to benefit speculators with currencies and financial market
activities. On the other hand, neoliberalism allows the State to be the
domestic and international police, to shamelessly apply State terrorism
even while declaring international terrorism a public enemy.

 The most reactionary and adventurous circles of the large financial
capital utilize neoliberalism to gradually impose a new fascism while
the world is still not yet aware. Neoliberal fascism uses INTERNET,
ganging way on behalf of human rights, through governments with leftist
parties and figures that betray, as happened during World War I that
began precisely in the Balkans, the ideal of peace, the essence not
only of socialism - to which many have renounced - but also of
democracy, when it is not just mere fiction to cover the power of large

 Instead of preaching the superiority of a race, this new fascism
states that it is against ethnic cleansing. It accuses others of
carrying it out, like now, accusing the Serbs, to isolate and assault
them. This demagogy could not be more cynical for these aggressors
promote xenophobia, racism and hatred to immigrants in their own
countries. The unjust war unleashed by the United States and NATO is
launched against a country that cannot even be accused, like in the
case of Iraq, of having attacked another. This motive has long
disappeared but Iraq continues to be punished savagely with air attacks
while the blockade kills its population through hunger.

 The pretext of defending the Albanian minority in Yugoslavia, that the
secessionists in Kosovo, province in which they are a majority, have
been upholding, crumbles before the reality of the bombings against
Pristina, its capital, and even the very caravans of refugees.
Humanism, and nobody more humane than the revolutionaries, demands the
finding of a solution for the problems this minority is facing, that
should enjoy autonomy within the territorial integrity and sovereignty
of Yugoslavia. What autonomy could it have as a NATO protectorate,
becoming a veritable prison of peoples and a permanent base for new
bloody adventures?

 Among the first truths we must recognize the bitter fact that the mass
media of transnationals have managed to fool large sectors of the
populations of the aggressors’ countries and of the world. With
admirable heroism the Serbs are resisting on behalf of all the peoples
of the world. The international situation would be even worse had the
United States and NATO obtained a quick victory with this monstrous
aggression. If it persists in a war of all the people, as during the
nazi invasion, Yugoslavia shall not be subjected. That was also the
lesson the Greeks taught the world during the era of fascism, and that
of the Vietnamese people, in their struggle against the Yankees.

 Due to confusion, the world movement of protest has just begun to
demand to end this genocide immediately. Every day of delay to end this
war means more Serb and Albanian children assassinated, and more
Christian-Orthodox or Muslims or Catholics left without homes, water,
electricity and food, in the midst of despair. Only with the ceasing of
the bombings can a solution be negotiated to the benefit of all the
nations of the Balkan region, guaranteeing the Kosovars the autonomy
they enjoyed in the prosperous Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia.

 It would be a mistake not to link the attacks against Yugoslavia with
the very nature of international imperialism and neoliberalism. On the
contrary, it is inserted in the objectives of a unipolar world imposed
by force, for economic development tends to multipolarity. It is not
possible not to link the hegemonic policy, turned war of aggression, of
capitalism’s economics. Undoubtedly United States’ urgency, to follow
once more, the military path, dragging international imperialism with
it, is due to the imminent world financial and economic crisis, and the
desire to be ahead of the inexorable recovery of the world
revolutionary movement-evidence of which is already apparent-and to try
to avoid it by all means.

 The Multilateral Investments Agreement (MIA) is the economic
equivalent of the military route. With this Agreement the ex metropolis
would resuscitate under the form of transnational enterprises, but
within the states that would be mere protectorates where national
culture and identities would be taken to the very verge of extinction,
as has happened to so many ecological factors. The enslaving content of
the MIA is obvious and in keeping with the Helms Burton Act. Hence, the
United States, once more, is trying to make Europe an accomplice of its
criminal policies. This is a groundless claim, as foreign investments
in Cuba and the actually unanimous vote at the General Assembly of the
United Nations and the Security Council against the blockade have
confirmed, besides the progress in Caribbean integration and other
facts that confirm that Cuba cannot be isolated. Before the
denunciations of diverse political forces and the fear of several
European governments, the MIA has been withdrawn but the United States,
its main promoter, is awaiting for the moment to impose it in yet again
another violation of international law.


Cuba condemns the genocide against Yugoslavia, demands its
unconditional cessation and supports a political solution, for a
military solution is absurd. The political solution is to reestablish
peace and benefit all Yugoslavs on an equal footing, as well as all
peoples, religions and ethnic groups of the region. Comrade Fidel
offered one thousand medical doctors to assist the Albanian-Kosovar
refugees while sending hundreds of doctors to the sister nations of our
own region, victims of hurricanes and the poverty that capitalism
generates all over the world.

We ratify our invariable solidarity with all that oppose the terrible
machinations of imperialism in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and
Asia, as well as with the workers of industrialized countries
undermined by the great capital.

Our solidarity consists above all in safeguarding the Cuban Revolution
and to continue being loyal to the confidence and the support that we
receive from all the peoples. We shall never retrocede in the least, as
Che Guevara asked.

The United States increases its brutal blockade, infused with its
genocide flair while speaking of flexibilization, with its usual

It bribed voters and exerted pressure on governments to condemn Cuba at
the Human Rights Commission in Geneva. It was a pyrric victory. It is
imperialism’s response to more severe Cuban laws against paid fifth
columnists and criminals, part of US destabilizing plans.

At a moment where the world goes from bad to worse, Cuba, on the
contrary, is going well.

But we shall never ignore our defects and mistakes. We are now
strengthening our ideas, with the absolute conviction of the justness
of Marxism-Leninism, whenever applied creatively.

Step by step we are achieving more efficiency and showing signs of
economic recovery, though the difficulties and inequalities of the
special period still persist but we shall overcome them.

We resist the onslaughts of imperialism and of nature, and besides we
advance thanks to the fact that our people was able to conquer, on its
own, and has known how to defend, its own revolutionary power,
expression of the most genuine socialist democracy that we widen

If our country has been able to challenge during 40 years the hostility
of the mightiest superpower that has ever existed it is thanks to
enjoying greater unity, without being shattered by multi-partisanism,
as stated by Jose Marti, of the overwhelming majority of the Cuban

Precisely all the conspiracies of the enemies of Cuba are directed
towards reestablishing a dividing multi-partisanism and reintroducing a
new bourgeois class that would again be powerful, counterrevolutionary
and annexationist. Its repugnant image is that of the Miami terrorist

The time has come for more solidarity against the aggressions of
Neoliberal fascism and this requires that revolutionaries avoid being
misled by enemy propaganda traps, designed to justify their misdeeds,
outrages and crimes.

The Cuban Revolution is confident that all peoples, starting with the
revolutionary, progressive or simply realist peoples of the world, will
learn the lessons derived of the change in world situation produced in

On our part, the Cuba communists have done so and stronger than ever
before we proclaim:

Socialism or death!

Homeland or death! We shall overcome!

Note: As part of a military solution for a unipolar world, the US is
fine-tuning its plan for a total cyberspace attack to completely
paralyze the defense systems of its enemies.

Macdonald Stainsby

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