State derivation Theorists

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Mon Nov 22 21:28:13 MST 1999

    Philip L Ferguson wrote:
> Most, or even all, of the papers in that book wree by German Marxists and
> am not sure what most of them are doing now.  One sad case, however, is
> that of Elmar Altvater, who wrote some wonderful stuff in the 1970s, but
> has now joined the ranks of the post-Marxists.  His last book was awful.
      "The Future of The Market" Verso Books?
FYI, just found this:
Theoretical Deliberations on Time and Space of Post-Socialist Transformation

or: The Transition to Hybrid Forms of Capitalism
The paper is looooong. Don't see signs of post-Marxism, at least of the
Laclau/Mouffe variety.
If you've written up any critique of Alvatar, send 'em on.
                       Michael Pugliese

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