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Mon Nov 22 16:50:56 MST 1999

> From: Macdonald Stainsby
> ***** (GL quote:)
>      The DSP opposed NATO's military intervention in the Balkans, i.e.,
> its bombing  campaign against Serbia and its military occupation of
> Kosova, not because the NATO armies are imperialist armed forces, but
> because their war against Serbia was a continuation of NATO's policy of
> opposing the Kosova Albanians' democratic right to national
> self-determination.
> *****
> I can not believe that any party, in the name of Marxism, would declare
> that opposition shouldn't be based on the fact that it is Imperialist,
> but that it violates some 14 points-type right. Wow!

The sad part is that Macdonald is counterposing the DSPs' supposed 14
points-type shopping list to a 1 point program:  oppose everything that
imperialist armed forces do, always, under all conditions, eternally.

Personally, I don't have a position on the Kosovo question.

Alan Bradley
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