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The sentence you quote is pretty flaky. However, I'm not certain that this
is a full and fair representation of the DSP position, nor even an
authoritative statement of one aspect of it. There is also a question of
authenticity when passages like this start to bounce from list to list
without a pointer back to the original source.


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>The following passage was contained in one of the many articles that
>get pasted into many different lists (this one was from "marxist-
>GLW paper:
>     The DSP opposed NATO's military intervention in the Balkans, i.e.,
>its bombing  campaign against Serbia and its military occupation of
>Kosova, not because the NATO armies are imperialist armed forces, but
>because their war against Serbia was a continuation of NATO's policy of
>opposing the Kosova Albanians' democratic right to national
>I can not believe that any party, in the name of Marxism, would declare
>that opposition shouldn't be based on the fact that it is Imperialist,
>but that it violates some 14 points-type right. Wow!
>Now what happened with DSP politics in East Timor makes a lot more
>sense. I realise, from the words of comrades that I trust, that the DSP
>has done some really good organisational work in Australia.
>Additionally, any radical Marxist party that sees fit to
>prioritize "green" politics should be commended for that act,
>ecological crises got me into Marxism in the first place. It needs far
>more attention.
>   This kind of "Marxism", however, is way too much. I sincerely hope
>the membership can fight the good fight within the party. These kinds
>of statements remind me of Bernsteinian notions of "civilizing"
>the "savages". There is more Rousseau and less Marx in this. When NATO
>finally leaves KosovO and finishes installing the mighty KLA into the
>new power, will then the DSP state: "We actually didn't foresee how
>much more immediate the Nato strategy would pay-off, or that Nato
>really did want the independance of Kosova. Our mistake, thank you very
>much Nato"?
>I'm sorry to beat a dead horse here, but by now facts should have won
>out. Unfortunately parties of this type don't climb down from positions
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