Timor again (sorry Lou)

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at SPAMmail.telepac.pt
Mon Nov 22 06:13:00 MST 1999

James M. Blaut wrote:

> Joao:
> You don't like "multi-culturalism." I hope that the meaning of this term is
> different in Portugal than  it is in the US, becvase NO progressives here
> are opposed to multiculturalism, and for very good reasons.

Most excellent professor,

There would be much to say of multiculturalism as a philosophical derivative of
post-modernism and of its radical incompatibility with marxism.

For now, suffice to say that if you think what the liberal US establishment
thinks - even for the best of internal reasons -  is going to lead the opressed
peoples in their struggle throughout the world, you are heading for a most rude

The only case I know of a multicultural state was South-Africa (with its
bantustans). Maybe Israel will follow now.

João Paulo Monteiro

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