LBO-Talk charges

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Nov 21 21:55:33 MST 1999

I was interested in this because I know Rakesh as a poster. Like Mark
Jones, I regard Rakesh as brilliant, but frankly he is simply wrong on the
Afro-American question. Moreover he gets extremely heated around this whole
issue. That apart he can be a nasty at times, but then so can we all.  But
really this is not my point in posting today.  I want to endorse Lou's
handling of this list.  It is a *considerable* service to the international
Marxist movement and he has been tolerance itself, well pretty nearly.

I say all this not simply to piss in Lou' pocket as the Aussies put it, but
rather to reassure newcomers to the list.

Now Mark also mentioned Comrade Gerald Levy.  So he is over on Thaxis and
still showing himself to be bile incarnate! I still shudder at the memory
of the Old Marxism list and Levy's ability to make the realms of cyber
space shake in horror.


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