multiculturalism in the canadian state

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Mon Nov 22 08:55:30 MST 1999

You misread my post and my grammar is bad.
Eliminating ethnic chavanism benefits the working class is what my clumsily
written paragraph says.

Paul Flewers wrote:

> Shiraz Rawat wrote: < The Canadian Multiculturalism Act is not in itself
> a bad thing. It helps to eliminate ethnic chauvinism which, although
> benefits the bourgeoisie, also benefits the working class. >
> How can any form of chauvinism benefit the working class? Would it not
> be better to say that individual groups of workers, for instance, white
> South Africans or Northern Irish protestants, could obtain a privileged
> position at the expense of the workers amongst the SA black population
> or the NI catholics, through collaborating with their bosses, or that,
> for instance, European workers could gain some crumbs from the table by
> accepting their rulers' imperialist programmes? But in neither case
> could these groups of workers really benefit from chauvinist politics,
> as their institutions and general outlook would thereby be corrupted,
> and it would be much harder for them to be won over to socialism, and
> thus to a way forward for genuine improvements, both financial and
> moral. Chauvinism, therefore, can only really benefit the ruling class.
> Paul F


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