Consumerism/Frankfurters and Moby Grape Juice

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Sun Nov 28 16:54:16 MST 1999

 Jose G. Perez wrote:>     Where did you get THAT idea? Antiwar sentiment
was greatest among
> PROLETARIAN youth, the ones being sent as grunts to the front lines. The
> truth is that the ones who put a stop to the war was the American
> proletariat IN UNIFORM, by refusing to fight and fragging every west point
> sonofabitch who tried to get them to go out and do it. Outside the elite
> units, there was a complete breakdown in discipline and fighting morale.
    I've always been skeptical of the "generation gap" but here wasn't there
a division between old
parents and their kids inside proletarian families.
I suspect that the parents who did finally turn against the war were no more
in favor of the NLF than the corporate liberals from the ruling class who
planned it.
     Agreed the social costs to keeping the bombs falling and the troops
killing and dying got to be too much but if you look, for example at Paul
Joseph's book on the war in the context of neo-Marxist theories of the state
which was put out by South End Press back in the early 80's, you'll see that
intra-elite divisions in the ruling class played a role too. The ferment
from below and the social and economic factors that were exploding the
domestic set-to were ruffling the feathers of those that attempt to contain
the contradictions of the system that they attempt to control.
                                  Michael Pugliese

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