Lukacs and the Frankfurt School

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Sun Nov 28 15:04:13 MST 1999

   Phillip should pulp the Slater book on the Frankfurters. Russell Jacoby
in the pages of Telos, gave it the tongue thrashing it deserves. Read either
Martin Jay's, "The Dialectical Imagination," or, "The Frankfurt School : Its
History, Theories, and Political Significance
by Rolf Wiggerhaus, Michael Robertson (Translator). Also works by Joel
Whitebrook, Richard Wolin, Helmut Dubiel, Peter Dews or Russell Berman are
all good sources that I'm familiar with to varying degrees. A search at just now found many more in Frankfurtiana.
   A book on Lukacs I read years ago is still worth tracking down: "The
Young Lukacs and the Origins of Western Marxism," by Paul Breines and Andrew
Arato, two New Leftish academics that also have other texts worth tracking
down like Breines book " Tough Jews" and Arato on Soviet-type societies and
civil society.
                                         Michael Pugliese

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