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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #386
                             November 24, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: HELP REBUILD EAST TIMOR

The people of East Timor face an enormous job to reconstruct their country,
devastated by the Indonesian army and its militias. Yet the common graffiti
on burnt-out buildings is, "Don't cry East Timor, we will rise from the


 * Help rebuild a free East Timor


 * Government betrays East Timor refugees
 * For more articles and analysis of East Timor visit
   http://www.dsp.org.au/etimor or http://www.asiet.org.au


 * COSATU's hands tied by ANC alliance &&
 * Capitalism brings `rampant sex bias'
 * South American armies sniff a chance for power
 * Students commemorate victims of military violence
 * Friends of the Earth meet in Ecuador
 * Doug Henwood: What's wrong about globalisation? &&
 * The transition in East Timor
 * East Timorese criticise UN role
 * Dubliners demand: `Share the wealth!'
 * Zimbabwe workers force health spending up
 * Junta's links to drug dealers proven
 * West Papuans plan independence protest
 * Why the Chechen war? -- Steve Myers &&
 * Vyborg workers defeat state militia
 * Kuzbass Workers Council elected


 * Ruddock revives white Australia policy
 * Free speech, censorship and the left
 * The Zapatistas: a new road to revolution?
 * Organising women in Indonesia


 * New rail link will not save Whyalla
 * Can the men's movement be pro-feminist?


 * Radical publisher plans to publish Cannon selected works
 * The Liverpool dockers put their case
 * Happy families -- not
 * Changing rules of inheritance
 * The CIA's covert cultural war
 * Gales natural and human
 * Correction


 * CFMEU and CARE in East Timor dispute
 * Men's group opposes hiring women
 * NSW teachers reject government `insult'
 * Queensland anti-abortionists go on the rampage
 * Cover-up revealed in police shooting
 * Second wave legislation slammed
 * `Dare to struggle' against anti-union laws
 * News briefs
 * Staff angry at university management's `contempt'
 * Drug war `a smokescreen'
 * Casuals strike in Land Titles Office
 * NTEU wins coverage of general staff
 * Newcastle art attack
 * NSW health crisis highlighted in the Illawarra
 * WA prostitution bill punishes the victim
 * Gay and Lesbian service under threat
 * Support for refugees
 * Westmead nurses strike
 * Labor privatises Trust Bank
 * New centre for Resistance in Melbourne
 * NSW councils to oppose reactor and waste dump
 * Further threat to native title in WA


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