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Tue Nov 23 10:23:34 MST 1999

Doug Henwood wrote:
> kelley wrote:
> >men are increasingly
> >exposed to idealized images of sculpted muscular and HAIRLESS bodies
> Yeah, what's with that HAIRLESS thing?
> Doug

An Ad for the upcoming "women's cable channel," Oxygen, cites "No Back
Hair" as one of the joys of being a woman. Could it be that what goes
around comes around? for centuries men, as economic independent actors,
have felt free to judge women's bodies harshly. NOw women have some
money, some independence, don't need to marry to survive, so THEY TOO
can loudly express their preferences in body type, judge men harshly for
not measuring up. A gay friend of mine said about ten years ago that he
was always astonished at how heterosexual men just assumed they could be
fat and slovenly and women would go for them anyway. Maybe that's



These are the people who would supervise MR's transition away from stodgy
dogmatic Marxism? God help us.

Louis Proyect

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