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Tue Nov 23 11:18:07 MST 1999

--- Alan Bradley <alanb at elf.brisnet.org.au> escribió:

> Macdonald is counterposing the DSPs' supposed 14
> points-type shopping list to a 1 point program:  oppose everything that
> imperialist armed forces do, always, under all conditions, eternally.

What´s so wrong with this? On certain circumstances, as for example when
imperialist armies are NOT acting as armies (e.g., earthkwakes and relief
to civilians -BUT WITHIN THEIR OWN COUNTRY-) or when during
interimperialist warfare (an unlikely possibility today), a different
stance may be accepted.

But whenever an imperialist army puts a foot on soil of a Third World
country -which is what they have been doing for at least fifty years- yes,
everything they do is against us socialists.

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