Email provocations?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Nov 23 08:39:56 MST 1999

I just received this:

I just received a personal email from Gary MacLennan
inquiring about the attachments I sent to him.

I did not send any email to him. My email program
shows no mysterious sent-mail items.

Therefore, I can only assume that someone is using
the who-marxism list as a cover to try to spread
a virus or some such thing.

Should I send a warning to the list? I shudder to
think that someone is using my address to harrass
others on the m-list.

Thanks for the wonderful work you do on the list.
I get time only to read it these days. So I remain
in lurk mode, for now!

If anybody receives mail from a list member with attachments, especially
from somebody out of the blue, please be aware that it might be some kind
of mischief. Please report any incidents to me. Also important is to send
me the headers that accompanied the message, since they will reveal the
true source. It is not that difficult to forge an email address, although
the header information will usually reveal the true sender.

Louis Proyect

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