Take one witch . . . was "To Paul Flewer, etc"

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At 21/11/99, you wrote:
>David Bruce wrote:
> >>But the
>problem is that, once set up, it does NOT remain your personal property.
>That is the mistake made by every self-proclaimed leader in the history of
>our movement. ...
>You MUST separate your role as moderator from your role in the discussion.<<
>He don't MUST do anything he doesn't want to, pal. If you don't like this
>list, go set up your own, and we'll see just how ready you are to let go of
>your own 'proprietorial rights'. Subscribe me, I want to check out your own
>good-humoured desire to indulge people you have polar disagreements with.
>All you Healyites are the same: you all claim you left it zillions of years
>ago, are traumatised, saddened, humiliated etc by your chastening experience
>of what undoubtedly was the most demented and malignant variant of
>trotskyism, but somehow you still carry on in the same old way. You learnt
>nothing and forgot nothing, seemingly.

Well, well  . . . we have thrown our teddy into the corner.

All I did was make correct a factual error.

If the moderator approves of this sort of post, then allow him to give - as
promised - his left arm to the sender but beforehand to use his right to
unsubscribe me from this list.

In the (expected) event of his approval, allow me to thank those list
members who have informed, amused and moved me during my participation.


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