Adorno and Marcuse on the Student Movement

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Sun Nov 28 18:44:27 MST 1999

    I'm not trying to get on your bad side, honest, but Adorno dd call the
police to get the noisy kids (exercising some mis-understood tactic from
mis-reading (?Marcuse's,"RepressiveTolerance."
Hans J. Krahl was one of his students and the piece by Krahl which Telos
published in the early 70's on Adorno showed a fine mind. Likewise work by
other German SDS'ers like Rudi Deutschke.
    Adorno calling the cops is similiar to the behavior of a Sidney Hook in
that period. Adorno
might have stayed left, unlike Hook, and been unable to understand how the
New Left was a product of his theories, as you pointed out to me before,
when I brought this up here or on lbo (thus your lordy me, this again!) but,
absent any of us actually having been there of course, couldn't Theodor
handled this better?
    And that there were points of congruence between East and West, I'm not
as far from disagreeing as you might think, from studying off and on folks
like Castoriadis and others from the far left not disposed towards
   But the ways in which the American Empire has really bared it's fangs
post fall of the wall 1989, has attenuated some of my left-anti-communism
imbibed from Partisan Review and Dissent in my earlier days.
                                     Michael Pugliese

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