nostalgia for McCarthyism?

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Nov 28 18:41:01 MST 1999

"jnstewart" at wrote:

>  McCarthy and the HUAC
> anti-communist crusade was a travesty and an insult to the traditions of the
> nation.

There are several serious historical errors here.

(1) McCarthy and HUAC were particular expressions of the era,
of the crusade, and to name it after them conceals the infamy of the
Truman Administration which launched both the Cold War abroad
and the anti-communist crusade at home. This distortion of history
is related to the continuing tailism of the democratic party by so
many who would *like* to be progressive.

(2)  "travesty and an insult to the traditions of the nation."

What! The Alien and Sedition Laws? The genocide of Indian people.
The Haymarket Riot. The Pullman Strike. Sacco and Vanzetti. The
Palmer Raids. The Red Hunt carried on and magnificently exemplified
"the traditions of the nation." It is essential that U.S. radicals get it
out of their heads that they can somehow escape the label, "Unamerican."
Rather, they must make that label appealing. Cockburn's playing
footsy with racist militia leaders is perhaps one expression of this
urge of radicals to be "really American."


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