nostalgia for McCarthyism?

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Mon Nov 29 00:19:37 MST 1999

    I have a pamphlet from 1936 by Earl Browder, (a Kansan, how more
American can one get?) entitled, "Who Are The Americans?" Underneath the
cover image of the American Revolutionary drum and bugle corps is the
immortal Pop Front
slogan of the CPUSA, "Communism Is Twentieth Century Americanism." Kinda
like Tom Hayden's 1976 slogan when running against Tunney for the U.S.
Senate (got a million votes- in the fall reactionary, sleepyhead S.I. "Sam"
"I Wrote a textbook on discourse before it was called discourse... and
that's why I'm pulling the plug on you student radicals here at S.F. State"
Hayakawa) which was "The Radicalism of the 60's is the common sense of the
70's" Now I see Tom Hayden is so disillusioned in the "parliamentary
cretinism" he's spent two decades
in and the Gov.Gray "Let 'em fry" Davis administration, and the Democratic
party circus that he's quitting his safe seat. His run for Mayor of L.A. was
his last hurrah.
    Before I forget, a good read on the Popular Front is the Verso book,
"The Cultural Front," by Michael Denning. Only skimmed so far, but it helps
to correct the caricature of the period by the Partisan Review set. The
books by Alan Wald and Judy Kutulas show how far left the PR folks were, and
how far right, most of them went
later on.
                                    Michael Pugliese

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