Lukacs and the Frankfurt School

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Sun Nov 28 20:52:48 MST 1999

Philip Ferguson > Well, er, Mike, I'd rather read it first.
     Oh, OK!
Jay, if I am not mistaken, is the son-in-law of Harold Wilson, the now
deceased ex Labour PM of Britain, and I am rather dubious whether Jay's
politics are up to much better than Wilson's.
   Hmm, the worst I'd heard (and this was from a hard core Derridean pomo
grad student I knew from U.C. Berkeley with a trust fund, so caveat
emptor...) was that Jay drove a fancy sports car!
Related to Harold Wilson, jeez. Reminds me of Clinton's ex-advisor Dick
"Machiavelli" Morris (Though thats a slur on the misunderstood Nicholo btw)
who is a cousin to the late Joseph McCarthy sidekick, Roy Cohn.
   Cohn was portrayed vividly on stage with Ethel Rosenberg in Tony
Kushner's Angels in America, which I hope all who had a chance to see did.
Kushner delivered a fervant talk on socialism to a San Francisco City Arts &
Lectures audience a couple of years ago, wish I'd taped it.
                             Michael Pugliese

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