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Michael Pugliese debsian at
Sun Nov 28 23:19:29 MST 1999

Gary wrote:
> She also defended the Healyite position on Hansen i.e. that he had set
> Trotsky up for the assassination.
  I used to have a big discussion bulletin type document trying to prove
that bit of sectarian lunacy. Put out by the Workers League?
I miss that piece of sectariana, would love to put it next to my copy of a
British Maoist publication with an interview with "Comrade Pol Pot" BTW is
it true that he studied in Paris under Samir Amin?
>From E.P. Thompson's brilliant and witty polemic against Althusser, "The
Poverty of Theory," I gather that Soloth Sar a/k/a
Pol Pot wrote a dissertation on delinking Cambodia from the world economy
while under Parisian skies, hopefully at a cafe.
  To close this post, wish I could send a MP3 sound clip file of the
immortal song, "Holiday In Cambodia," by the Dead Kennedy's... even at the
risk of Macdonald S. raking me over the coals again after the to do over the
PCP. Well I've always been closer to a neo-Trotskyist than a Maoist so be
                                           Michael Pugliese
(who still remembers Punk Rock and why it was necessary!)

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