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> Subject: ALERT! Salvadoran health workers on strike; work sites
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> November 22,1999
> Thousands of  administrative workers, nurses and doctors of the Social
> Security Institute of El Salvador are in their second week of a strike.
> Social Security Institute (ISSS) administers part of El Salvador's Public
> Health system. The workers are demanding that the government stop their
> plan to privatize health care; they are also demanding the government
> follow through with a promised 20% salary hike.
> The government has responded to the strike by militarizing work sites with
> the National Civilian Police and by threatening to cut salaries and fire
> workers participating in the strike. In spite of these obstacles, however,
> the Union of Social Security Workers, STISSS, has been successful in
> shutting down 100% of  Social Security hospitals and offices throughout
> country. Workers from many sectors have expressed their solidarity with
> striking STISSS workers. They are threatening to join the strike if the
> strikers' demands aren't met.
> The STISSS workers need our political solidarity. They have asked the
> international community to pressure Salvadoran President Francisco Flores
> and the Salvadoran Embassy in the US. They are also asking for letters of
> support for the striking workers.
> Suggested Action:
> Call or fax the Salvadoran Embassy in Washington, DC or the Consul General
> at the consulate nearest to you (see sample fax below for demands)
> Salvadoran Embassy in Washington DC: Tel (202)-265-9671 x229, Rene
> Leon, Ambassador
> Los Angeles: Sr. Oscar Benavides Gutierrez tel- (213) 383-8599,  fax-
> (213) 383 8599
> Boston: Dra. Lorena Sol de Pool tel- (617) 577-9111, fax-
> (617) 577-9876
> Chicago: Sr. Alfredo Angulo Delgado tel- (312) 332-1393,
> fax-(312) 332-4446
> New York: Sra. Patricia Maza Pettsford tel- (212) 889-3608, fax-
> (212) 679-2835
> Houston: Sra. Astrid de Ariz tel- (713) 270-6239, fax-
> (713) 270-9683,
> San Francisco: Sr. Carlos Ernesto Gonzales tel-  (415) 781-7924, fax-
> (415) 781-1136,
> 2. Fax the Salvadoran President, Francisco Flores, directly (see
> sample fax in Spanish)
> 011-(503) 281-0018
> 3. Participate in CISPES's National Day of Action for Workers' Rights,
> December 10. Contact your local CISPES committee for more information
> 4. Send letters of support to the striking STISSS workers. (Fax them,
> as well as copies of your pressure letters, to the National CISPES office,
> and we will forward them to STISSS.)
> ****************
> Sample fax to the Salvadoran Ambassador or Consul General to the United
> Dear ____________
> I am very concerned about the current social and economic situation in El
> Salvador. Numerous polls have shown that the Salvadoran people are opposed
> to the privatization of state services, especially health care. I am
> closely monitoring the current situation of thousands of Social Security
> workers, who are on strike to stop the privatization of the ISSS, and to
> demand the raises promised them by the previous ISSS Administration be
> given them. I am particularly concerned that the Salvadoran government has
> responded to their strike by militarizing the work sites with the National
> Civilian Police. This, as well as governmental threats to carry out salary
> reprisals and fire workers participating in the strike, is unacceptable.
> As an American citizen concerned about the conditions of El Salvador and
> the difficult situation Social Security workers face right now, I request
> you do what you can to ensure the following:
> -that the National Civilian Police immediately leave the work sites of the
> striking workers
> -that Social Security workers not be fired for mobilizing in defense of
> their rights;
> -that salary reprisal not be imposed on workers;
> -that the Government and the Administration of the Social Security
> Institute meet with union leaders to look for a mutually agreeable
> to the conflict;
> -that the privatization of state services (health care, education, public
> works, water, ports and airports) be stopped.
> I request that you forward my concerns to the President of the Republic,
> well as to the Administration of the ISSS. I look forward to your
> Thank you.
> Sincerely,
> ****
> Fax this text to the Salvadoran President, Francisco Flores: 011-(503)
> Francisco Flores
> Presidente de El Salvador
> Presente.
> Estimado Presidente Flores,
> Reciba mis mas cordiales saludos. Me dirijo a Ud para expresarle mi gran
> preocupacin por la actual situacin poltica y social que vive su pais.
> Varias encuestas de la opinin pblica muestran que el pueblo salvadoreo
> est en contra de la privatizacin de los servicios pblicos, especialmente
> la salud. Es de mi conocimiento la movilizacin de miles de trabajadores en
> contra de la privatizacin de los servicios de salud, el incremento
> salarial comprometido por la administracin previa, y la defensa de sus
> derechos. Se de la miliarizacin de los centros de trabajo y de la
> persecucin que sufren los trabajadores organizados. La amenaza de
> descuentos salariales y despidos de los trabajadores quienes participan en
> las actividades sindicales, no es acceptable.
> Por todo lo anterior y como ciudadano estadounidense conocedor de la
> preocupante realidad que viven los trabajadores del Seguro Social en estos
> momentos,  le solicito lo siguiente:
> -que la Policia Nacional Civil sea removida de los centros de trabajo;
> -que no haya despidos o descuentos a los trabajadores que participan en la
> defensa de sus derechos;
> -que el gobierno y la adminsitracin del ISSS busquen una solucin
> favorable al conflicto suscitado con los trabajadores del Seguro Social;
> -que no permita la privatizacin de los servicios pblicos (salud,
> educacin, obras pblicas, agua, el puerto y el aeropuerto).
> Sin mas por el momento, atentamente.
> _______________________
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> Phone: 212-229-1290 ~ fax: 212-645-7280
> www.cispes.org ~ cispesnatl at people-link.net
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