Capital & Class

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Mon Nov 22 10:22:22 MST 1999

        Mark Jones mentions Sol Picciotto. For my Senior Oral Comprehensives
at UCSC I read the
Univ. of Texas Press Press book, "State and Capital, a Marxist Debate," (if
memory serves) co-edited by Sol and ?. It was on the German state derivation
debates which attempted at a high level of abstraction to theorize advanced
capitalist state formations from a, to my taste, reified notion of the
"logic of capital" and the "laws of motion" of the cap. mode of prod.
    I was much more of a follower of Poulantzas,
and some of the writers in Jim O'Connor's "Kapitalistate" journal that he
put out with a collective in the 70's when the debates were a bit more
prevalent re: the State and how to move beyond what was perceived to be a
sterile Leninist orthodoxy. The mirage of Eurocommunism (hell, I believed in
it, there was an excellent South End Press anthology edited by David Plotke
and Carl Boggs entitled, "The Politics of Eurocommunism," that laid out the
history & positions, and many pieces in In These Times and elsewhere gave
some of us false hopes that the PCI esp. was going to "win") I think fed
alot of the state theory debates.Also the Gramsci boom at the time.
         Whatever happened to the "state derivationists" Hope they're not
"Third Way" types now!
                           Michael Pugliese

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