State derivation Theorists

Patrick Bond pbond at
Mon Nov 22 22:57:57 MST 1999

On 23 Nov 99, at 16:08, Philip L Ferguson wrote:
> Most, or even all, of the papers in that book wree by German Marxists and
> I am not sure what most of them are doing now.  One sad case, however, is
> that of Elmar Altvater, who wrote some wonderful stuff in the 1970s, but
> has now joined the ranks of the post-Marxists.  His last book was awful.

Are you talking about The Future of the Market? Back cover blurb
by Jessop calls it "a defence of Marxist political economy and
socialism."  He is doing terrific marxian analysis of environment
and economic crisis (I heard him in Bangkok in March), and had
been pulling Oskar Lafonteine quite out to the left on financial
regulation. Sure he worked practically somewhere between Green
and left SPD politics, but that doesn't mean he's post-marxist...

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